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Family Owned Since 1865

History is something that can easily get lost to time. Stories can be forgotten. Sometimes though, those stories are recorded and passed down through generations. Even more rare, you get to be a part of those stories. The story of our farm is one of those rare instances.

In July of 1865, William Hewitt, along with his wife Ann, purchased 100 acres of land from the crown. They loaded up their horse and wagon and moved from Bright, ON to Listowel, ON. There they built a small log cabin and started their life as a farming family.

William and Ann had 6 children - Wesley, Adeline, Mary, Arthur, Albert and Clara. Together they built the farm into a thriving acreage. By the end of the 1800's, the children were married and gone, but the farm was bustling and required a second family to keep it running. So, in 1898, Arthur and his wife Almeda moved back on to the farm to help out. They constructed a small second dwelling, the foundations of which can still be seen today on the east side of the driveway if you know where to look. In 1917, Arthur officially took over the farm.

Arthur and Almeda Hewitt, along with their 6 daughters and 4 sons, worked the land until Arthur's death in 1936. After his death, the land passed to his son Lorne and his wife Claretta.

As the years went by and progress was made, the farm changed right along with it. Barns were added, new livestock was purchased and crops flourished. In 1957, Lorne's daughter Dorine married Howard Bender and after Lorne's death in 1964, the farm passed to them.

In 2001, the farm changed hands again. This time, Dorine and Howard's son Barry and his wife Mary Jane were entrusted with its care. Father to son, and father to daughter. This land has been passed through generations. It has nourished and fed our families. It has provided us with income and purpose.

So, in 2021, when it was my turn to take over the 100 acres that my great-great-great grandfather bought in 1865, it was an honour. It was my turn to be a part of history. Along with my husband and my kids, we now get the chance to farm this land.

The current house you see when you visit the farm was built by William Hewitt in the late 1800's. It has provided shelter for 7 generations of my family. If the walls could talk, they would tell stories of life, love, and happiness. They would weep from grief and hard times. They have witnessed death, but also birth. But most of all, they would tell stories of farming.

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Apr 08, 2022

Very well written, so nice to hear about family history...this is one thing that seems to get lost.

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