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1/4 and 1/2 Beef Packages 
Pricing Available Upon Request

Ground Beef - $6.00/lb

Standard Roasts - $7.00/lb​

Premium Roasts - $15.00/lb

  • Prime Rib

Steaks - $15.00/lb​

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Custom Lamb Packages 
Available Upon Request

Ground Lamb - $8.00/lb

Chops - $20.00/lb

Leg of Lamb - $18.00/lb

Shoulder - $8.00/lb

Roasts - $10.00/lb

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Whole Chicken - $3.50/lb

Ground Chicken - $7.50/lb

  • Currently Sold Out

Boneless Chicken Breast - $8.00/lb

Legs - $4.50/lb

Thighs - $5.50/lb

Chicken Wings - $7.00/lb

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Whole Turkey - $4.00/lb

  • Currently Sold Out - Preorder Available for Thanksgiving 2022

Boneless Turkey Breast - $9.00/lb

Thighs - $5.50/lb

Drumsticks - $5.00/lb

Turkey Wings - $5.00/lb

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Are you looking for something specific? Custom cuts and packages are available upon request. Message us today for more information.

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